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Liberty Web Marketing, LLC is a CT Web Design and Industrial Marketing company located 90 minutes north of New York City. Since 1999, we have been providing the highest quality web design, SEO, online marketing, photography, multimedia, and web applications, for manufacturers. Our priorities are unparalleled customer service, excellent results, and rapid responsiveness. Just ask our customers.

Liberty Web Marketing's goals are to help manufacturers reach their potential customers, save them costs on ineffective campaigns, and help them increase market share.

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Why Choose an Industrial Marketing Company that Specializes in Manufacturers?

The very first website we designed back in 1999 when we opened for business was for a medical device manufacturer. At the time, competition between CT web design companies was minimal, but few potential customers saw having a professionally designed website as anything more than a novelty. No one had ever heard of SEO (search engine optimization) and few people were using Google. Since typical web designs were little more than online catalogs based on print materials, the importance of adding copy specifically for search engines was rare. A lot has changed since then.

In today's world, the range of platforms, browsers, and programming standards is enough of a task to keep a marketing company busy staying up to date, but the individual needs of specific industries makes it impossible for a web design agency to excel at more than a few types of businesses. Their website might look and feel good, but it's what's under the hood that determines where you stand against your competition. Over the years we dabbled in other industries but came to the realization that our knowledge and experience in designing effective websites and online marketing campaigns for manufacturers and B2B companies was an expertise we should focus on.

For example, manufacturers are typically owned and operated by no-nonsense business professionals with backgrounds in inside sales and/or engineering. They usually have little use for the bells and whistles other industries might need on their websites. And while design is important in overall branding a professional look and feel, manufacturing and B2B websites should not be an outlet for artists to prove how creative they can be. Busy sales people and engineers want to find what they're looking for quickly with the important technical information easily accessible.

Navigation menus need to be easy to use and logical, and every page needs to have contact information. Our customers' customers often know the general industry terms and jargon, but not on the same level the actual manufacturers do. That requires bridging the gap between what terms a company's staff might use amongst themselves and those their potential customers would use to find them. This often applies to search terms and product copy, and often translates to other forms of marketing as well. Put simply, in order to get your company's website at the forefront of the internet, our job is to get inside the mind of your company's ideal customers and present your products and services from their perspective, not from yours. And we do this while preserving the technically accurate terms for highly educated visitors.

Also, manufacturers often sell a handful of products with a wide range of options. A typical drill-down approach that most designers and programmers use for other industries is virtually useless. Web applications which enable customers to enter or select specific engineering options are the only way to quickly connect engineers with the products they're looking for.

Finally, manufacturers and B2B companies often use industry-specific online services such as Thomasnet, GlobalSpec, etc. to reach their customers directly. One of our specialties is taking all of these marketing data and compiling a single, monthly report along with Search Engine Positioning and Web Statistics data to create a single, objective report that those responsible for sales and marketing can understand in just a few minutes. A partnership of your industry expertise and our marketing experience enables our customers to optimize their advertising and marketing budget. Since designing websites and marketing campaigns for manufacturers and B2B companies is our specialty, it is not unusual for us to double or triple our customer's qualified web traffic in a year or so.

Contact us today to find out how Liberty Web Marketing, LLC can help your company head in the right direction!

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