Digital Marketing Services

Since 1999, Liberty Web Marketing, LLC has been providing digital marketing services to our OEM, Industrial, and Business to Business clientele. Whether you prefer the term web marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing, or online marketing, they are generally interchangeable and encompass all of the services we offer in representing our clients online.

CT SEO Services Some of these services include:

As each company and each industry has specific needs unique to them, Liberty Web Marketing, LLC offers a wide range of ever-expanding online marketing services. Many of these services we do in-house, but others we outsource to our partners. Each has a unique role in the overall campaign with some (such as G+, YouTube, etc.) specifically designed to compliment other services such as search engine optimization.

When we work on one type of project (website graphics for example), we keep in mind that the files could be used in the future for other services, meaning we work in the largest practical size or file formats so that long-term, our customers end up saving money. As with all of our work, all files are the property of our customers and available immediately upon request. Our philosophy is a simple one: If we make it easy for our clients to go elsewhere, they probably won't.

Examples of our work can be found throughout our clients' materials. If there is a specific type of service you are interested in, please contact us for samples and additional information.