Part Photography, Product Photography and Image Editing Services

Liberty Web Marketing specializes in both Part Photography and Product Photography for manufacturers. We know how important it is to accurately convey the quality and expertise your company puts into making your products, and impressive photography is a key component to sales.

As with all of our clients' projects, we complete the job in a timely, professional manner with an eye on the big picture. For example, just because your company might have an immediate need for part photography for your website, which implies 75 d.p.i. and small file sizes, we prepare and save the images at a higher resolution and then scale down copies for use on the website. That means that the files can be used for print or some other medium at a later time without having to re-shoot the parts. It's just one example of the many things we do behind-the-scenes to save our customers money and maintain long-term relationships. Also, all of the files we create are your property and we will gladly supply you with the multi-layer Photoshop or Illustrator file upon request.

In the photograph below, our customer introduced a new windshield removal blade with a radius and serrations. We took a high-resolution shot with the top and sides of the blades in focus. After removing the background using paths and editing the image where necessary (straightening, rotating, adjusting contrast, coloring, etc.), we integrated the photograph into the relevant design: website, flier, catalog, trade show graphics and a video. Note: The actual part resolution is 4 times larger than what is shown.


Part Photography Product Photography Small Part Photography Small Product Photography
"Photographing our hypodermic needles properly has always been very difficult because of high reflectivity, contrast and because many of the features are microscopic. Liberty Web Marketing has been producing excellent, high quality work for us since 1999 including photographs of parts with features as small as .3 mm for a trade show booth they designed for us. They are prompt and professional. I highly recommend them." - Christopher Young, V.P., ISPG Inc.

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Extremely Small Product Photography

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