Search Engines (SEO/SEP/SEM)

CT SEO ServicesSeveral recent studies have shown that 33% of traffic goes to the first listing on Google for any given search term, 17% goes to the second, and 11% goes to the third listing. This means that 62% of all organic search engine traffic for any given key phrase goes to the URLs which are in the first three positions. Add to that the fact that 92% of all traffic from Google goes to the URLs listed in the top ten listings (meaning on the first page) and it's easy to see just how critical excellent SEO is. Imagine having your site listed in all three of the top positions. (Click the screenshot on right for an example of what we do for our clients).

Part of our Market Analysis is determining what key phrases will work best for your company. We do this a number of ways. First we ask you and your staff what key phrases you think are the best terms. After all, you know your industry better than we do. However, that can also be a problem because your company's staff is so close to your industry, they probably have very little objectivity. This is where our market analysis reports shine.

By finding the most common terms used by the search engines, backwards-engineering your competitions' websites, and working WITH you, together we can determine which terms are your most valuable. We can then optimize existing pages on your website, and/or create new pages which target organic listings. (We can guide your staff in writing content or write it for you, which you approve before publishing. See our Copy Writing page for more information.)

When combined with our Web Analytics services and occasionally updating your web pages, your site will begin to climb in the organic listings and produce the kind of results you've always wished it had. (Just ask our customers how effective we are. We will gladly put you in touch with them.)

Some interesting facts we often discover as a result of our key phrase analysis include:

Our job is to identify who your ideal customers are, think the way they do, and put your content in front of them. This translates to increased, qualified traffic. Years of experience working with companies that are similar to yours means that we bring valuable experience to the table and strategies that work.

We also offer pay-per-click tracking programs tailored for specific budgets. Contact us today to find out how Liberty Web Marketing, LLC can help your company rank well in search engines and bring in more qualified traffic.