Web Analytics Services

Web  AnalyticsLiberty Web Marketing, LLC has been offering web analytics services for 15 years. In conjunction with market analysis reports and search engine optimization services, we track a multitude of data across many platforms and online services and issue detailed reports with summaries of our findings. This provides your company details that can only be matched by an internal marketing department with a team dedicated to your digital marketing metrics (except we're a lot less expensive).

We typically begin by working with your hosting company to provide several key methods of server statistics. When used in conjunction with external analytics services such as Google Analytics, the data we collect allows the most accurate, thorough information on your website visitors possible.

Web  AnalyticsMany of our customers also subscribe to online industry listing services. Though these services typically provide monthly reports showing the effectiveness of any campaigns you're running with them, they require precious time to understand. It is also in their interest to keep you as a subscriber so the data may be presented in a way that suggests more success than is occurring. Therefore, many of our customers find great value in having us analyze these reports for them since we can do so objectively.

All of our data analysis is organized into a single, concise report divided by sections which begin with a summary and recommendations. After a month or so, even a quick scan of our reports followed by a brief telephone conversation gives our customers a complete understanding of their online presence, what should be continued, discontinued, and what needs work. While our reports are proprietary, samples can be provided upon request.

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