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Liberty Web Marketing is always expanding the digital marketing services we offer to meet the needs of our customers. In addition to our other capabilities including search engine optimization, website analytics and responsive websites, we also provide the following specialties.

Part Photography

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Copywriting & Landing Pages

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Corporate Videos

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Web Applications

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Part Photography

Liberty Web Marketing specializes in both Part Photography and Product Photography for manufacturers. We know how important it is to accurately convey the quality and expertise your company puts into making your products, and impressive photography is a key component to sales.

As with all of our clients' projects, we complete the job in a timely, professional manner with an eye on the "big picture". For example, just because your company might have an immediate need for part photography for your website, which implies 75 d.p.i. and small file sizes, we prepare and save the images at a higher resolution and then scale down copies for use on the website. That means that the files can be used for print or some other medium at a later time without having to re-shoot. It's just one example of the many things we do behind-the-scenes to save our customers money to maintain long-term relationships. In addition, all of the files we create belong to you and we will gladly supply you with the multi-layer Photoshop or Illustrator files upon request for a nominal preparation fee.

We believe that if we make it easy for our customers to go somewhere else, they don't.

Copy Writing

Liberty Web Marketing, LLC has been providing copy writing services to our OEM, Industrial, and Business to Business clientele since 1999. As a digital marketing company, we understand just how important it is to have copy that is technically accurate, written for the proper audience, and optimized to maximize its effectiveness. In additional to our in-house copy-writing services, we also work with several other writers ranging from technical writers with backgrounds in engineering to translators in a variety of languages.

Since you're reading this page (and assuming you're not a copy writer looking for work), you probably either already know the value of working with professional word smiths, or you have some doubt concerning your company's ability to produce compelling copy.

Writing fluff is easy. Convincing potential customers that they will benefit from your products or services is not. As a digital marketing agency we think differently from most because we begin by using hard data to identify who your target audiences are, and then write for them. Our OEM, Industrial, and Business to Business clientele typically have three types of audiences:

  • Non-technical business professionals are often best reached in the style and level of technical detail that you would present at a trade show. Features, benefits, client lists, product uses, track records, data, and pricing (perhaps) are key. Excellent product photography and videos usually help in reaching this group.
  • Engineers are often no-nonsense. They want only facts and they want them now. Technical accuracy, line drawings, specifications, schematics, CAD files, photographs, etc. are what they appreciate.
  • Consumers vary from industry to industry. Generally, less technical information that appeals both logically and emotionally, and which is presented in a concise way, is often the most effective way to appeal to this group.

Whatever the target audience, good copy appeals to as wide of an audience as possible while being optimized for specific audiences and for web visibility. This is even true for printed materials that are likely to end up as .PDFs online.

Corporate Videos

Liberty Web Marketing offers all of the services necessary to complete the perfect corporate video including script-writing, story-boarding, image and video creation, voice-overs, music, and post-production. We even have a close relationship with a Connecticut Recording Studio we use for recordings, audio editing, audio forensics and mastering services.

Web Application Development

Liberty Web Marketing, LLC offers a wide range of web application development capabilities and solutions architecture services including:

  • Enterprise level client server applications
  • Data forensics
  • Data migration
  • Data integration
  • Data reverse engineering
  • development
  • Microsoft Access expertise
  • Foxpro.dbf conversion
  • Legacy conversion
  • Carrier systems integration
  • IT project management
  • Custom online inventory management systems
  • Computer systems design and related services
  • Custom computer programming services
  • Computer integrated systems design

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