Data Analytics

As part of our search engine optimization services, Liberty Web Marketing issues monthly reports with search engine rankings and web statistics analysis with summaries and recommendations, but we also offer the option to include data analysis from other sources you might not have considered.

Types of Data We Track & Analyze

  • Data AnalyticsOnline Industry Listing Services (e.g. Global Spec, Media Brains, Direct Industry, etc.)
  • Paid Search: Google AdWords, Microsoft Advertising, etc.
  • Video & Podcast Statistics
  • Trade Shows
  • Magazine Ads, Print Ads, Mailers, Leave-Behinds, etc.
  • Social Media

Advantages of Using Us:

  • Centralization = Better R.O.I.
  • Objective Analysis of Campaign Effectiveness
  • Clear Presentations, Analysis & Summaries
  • Time Savings
  • We Specialize in Manufacturers and B2B
  • Phone or Zoom Meetings to Discuss Results, Plans, Ideas, etc.
  • Private & Secure Data

A Deeper Explanation:

Data AnalysisWhile online industry listing services will provide you with monthly reports, their data is often not presented very well and requires precious time each month to understand. Since it is in their interest to keep you as a subscriber, their often suggests more success than is actually occurring. Many of our customers find great value in having us collect and analyze all of their data as part of our regular marketing analysis reports. Our expertise, objectivity and ability to cross-check data enables us to track the effectiveness of each component of their overall marketing campaign and maximize R.O.I..

Our private and secure reports save precious time with sectional summaries which can be viewed quickly while offering our customers the ability to speak with a marketing expert whenever a question might arise. The net effect is like having your own marketing department, only cheaper.